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What a text ❤️ So mega great written, it speaks every floxie from the heart. Respect. It brings tears to my eyes. 😥 Veryone should read it. I really hope that we will be understood by society at some point. I wish every floxie from my heart all the best 🍀🙏 Hanna Sarah Seidel 


Dear Laurie, thank you so much for your words. It is so good to read these lines. You write from the soul of us damaged people. Every single word makes me feel that I am no longer alone.

Since the pandemic, I feel like I am being punished the second time. The first time on the day I was harmed with Levofloxacin, and the second time by the discussions I aam forved to have because I don't get vaccinated. I feel like a bad person who only cares about his own good and not the good of society as a whole. It is so terribly tiring.

I feel how through this, on top of all my physical damage, now my psyche is suffering more and more. Reading your text has given me a lot of hope. I hope that many victims will pass it on and that we will become louder and finally receive the overdue and necessary attention.

Thank you also for your reference to Dr. Pieper, he has also helped me in many moments not to despair of this disease. Monja Heil


HELLO. I am a sufferer of gadolinium poisoning! I do NOT want to vaccinate myself because I no longer have confidence in the pharmaceutical industry! I have been suffering for years and no doctor will take care of it. Gadolinium poisoning is rather kept down and made out to be not causing illness. I had 2 TBE vaccinations 2 years ago! They made my physical condition worse. Since there are few contraindications, the Corona vaccination is always recommended. I hope that there will never be a vaccination obligation. Katja


Hello, I am a sufferer, suffering from the effects of ciprofloxacin for 2.5 years. Since then, not a day has gone by without pain, one develops umpteen allergies, is ignored and frowned upon by doctors. We have to pay for everything ourselves , many who cannot afford it are getting sicker and sicker, their condition is worsening. I don't know how my condition would be without Dr Pieper's help. I am very grateful to him. But it doesn't change the situation that we have to live in fear because our disease is not recognized and therefore NO doctor wants to confirm that a vaccination is very dangerous for us. The few doctors who believe us and recognize the seriousness of the situation, do not dare to issue a certificate, so we are left alone again in the event of mandatory vaccination. 

Finally, we are punished and labeled as vaccination opponents, because we fear for our lives and therefore do not want to be vaccinated. Isn't that sad? -  Laurie, you have described everything well, it is the sad truth. Love, Elisabeth


Who are the so-called vaccination refusers? I know some of them. They are truly not complete idiots, on the contrary. They simply have fears, doubts, individual experiences and beliefs.

Every unvaccinated person has good reasons why they refuse vaccination. This does not mean that they deny the existence of the virus. They are intelligent people who are engaged in social activities in our society. Most of them are also not one of those who identify or even show solidarity with the extreme opponents of vaccination. Yet all the unvaccinated are lumped together. It is also then quite easy and convenient to make them a target for the mistakes and misjudgments of the politicians and scientists who stand by their side.

Only very rarely in the social media, for example in talk shows with Mr. Lauterbach (now Minister of Health), was he contrasted with a human scientist. What does this minister, what do virologists know about how people react in situations that are so difficult for them? Do they have any understanding for humane thinking and acting? 

The unvaccinated do not cause a split in society. Even if they prove through tests that they do not have the virus in them, they are now the only ones affected by the restrictions.

 Moreover, it is not the lack of intensive care beds, but the lack of staff that has led to this dire situation in hospitals. This shortage existed long before the pandemic. The privatization of the hospital system inevitably led to this situation (so-called "Kaputtsparen"). Should the unvaccinated now also be held responsible for this?

It is a fact that the vaccinated can carry the virus without noticing it. What was the saying back then? "We have the virus under control." Now three vaccinations are supposed to help. Will antibodies be formed at all?

Questions about questions that are open. Should we still have confidence in this? - In any case, the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry are full.

In conclusion, the only thing that remains to be said is that never before in history has there been a situation in which the people of a country were forced to undergo medical treatment by a government with such indescribable aggression and ruthlessness. Alexander Wolf  


The psychological trauma of being severely injured by a doctor/medication and then being left completely alone with the consequences is also very deep-seated for me and has completely destroyed my trust in our healthcare system.

I swore to myself that I would never again allow a medical treatment of which I was not completely convinced after my own research. And that is not the case with the Corona vaccine. For one thing, the effect is more than questionable, and for another, the risks of harm are not as small as the media and politicians claim. For me personally, with my history, it's unpredictable and I don't want to take that risk.

Before Ciprofloxacin I already had another severe reaction to a drug (during my pregnancy a few years ago). I was given a drug intravenously in the hospital for premature labor and within a few hours I developed severe pulmonary edema and had to be admitted to the intensive care unit as an emergency. That went just fine at the time, but the fear from that day is still with me today.

If everyone could personally decide freely for or against a vaccination, that would be fine with me. But this compulsion and pressure and the social exclusion of those who are not vaccinated is completely unbearable. And even more so for people like us who have already had such a bad experience.

What is very sad is that really nobody understands you except people who have gone through similar things. In my personal environment I am far and wide the only unvaccinated person and everyone reacts horrified and without understanding. I feel really lonely and socially isolated, no one understands me on this subject and everyone more or less openly declares me crazy.

Therefore, your text has spoken to me from the soul.  Anja


Dear Laurie, thank you very much for your very apt text! Three times medications have destroyed my life, first the pill, then ciprofloxacin, then gadolinium. The last two have destroyed my life so much that it will never be the same. There has not been a pain-free day in my life for 4 years. I wish I could reverse this taking, but instead I keep having episodes where I don't want to live. Not because I don't like my life, but because I can barely stand my physical discomfort. All this because of a single medication.

All the other medications I got after that triggered violent new pains. And now I'm being labeled, I have to justify myself, I'm being looked at as someone lacking solidarity. Just because I want to protect my own broken body? Because I want to continue to be there for my family, who already had to care for me so much? 

It is terrible how you are treated just because you don't want to be vaccinated, and this because you are afraid - afraid because you know and have gone throught so much after trusting doctors. 

Everyone must be allowed to decide for himself whether he wants to be vaccinated. I do not condemn anyone for his decision to be vaccinated with a vaccine, though no one can know its after-effects. I think I have no right to condemn the decision of others. But why does everyone judge me and condemn my decision?

Thank you Laurie for your strength, despite your own experiences, to make you strong!❤️ Love,  Madeleine


Text and image: Brigitte

I am strong
I can take it
No one can see how I really feel
Everything is hard inside me
The hardness is my support

What has become of me?
Everything is broken
Total decay
Lost forever
No idea how this will ever change

No sleep
No rest
Dying in installments
No regeneration
Pain of unknown quality

I feel a hole in the chest
The hole is the silent screams
I am one scream - anger
Surges of electricity make me startle
My heart races, stumbles - fear

Pain shoots down my back
The whole body hurts abnormally
Sharp pain travels over my body
Icy cold grows inside me
Everything glows and burns like fire

The only feeling - anger
I could smash everything
I feel like my whole throat is closed up
Completely cut off   Completely split off

Feeling - I am in eternal darkness
Eternal damnation
Many little demons around me
I stand at the dungeon entrance  
Must suffer terribly


Me too. I am in dispair.

Mail from an unknown person 

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